Both souls grasp their specific relation with the universe – Love of life.
Both heart situate their relation with each of their essence – Love.
Both minds work within the cultural framework in which both essence are to relate – creation.
Both bodies act within the space and the time within which both souls, hearts, minds and bodies are to bond and evaluate.

In the absence or dominance of one of the fundamentals, such as the spiritual, our feelings, our thoughts and actions, there is non action or, if acted upon, there is perversion.
When in balance, the recognition that we are vehicles for the love we share of life and the love life shares with us – then those bodies interact from the understanding of our souls, hearts and minds - then there is action and procreation.

If the soul operates alone there is schizophrenia – it leads to emptiness – while taking the mask of a sage.
If the heart operates alone there is abstraction - it leads to indifference – while taking the mask of empathy.
If the mind operates alone there is intellectualism – it leads to manipulation – while it takes the mask of a philosopher.
If the body operates alone there is gluttony – it leads to vampirism – while it takes the mask of a frozen desire.

When the soul, the heart, the mind and the body play together, discovering the strangeness of balance, learning to be bold and yet careful, they are one on the whirling carousel that never started and will never end – defining what will remain an everlasting enigma.

When love sings synchronicity no time is required - what is felt was already recognized.