I know you since ever - that is my turmoil,
as I do not grasp the laws of my own land,
and so cannot voice a proper welcome.
There is a strange familiarity about the valleys and hills
from where the glory of your story has emerged.
Strange it is to wonder who you are
when the answer to your riddle appeared as I was born.
All the hooligans wanted me as brother
although I had no use of my knuckles.
Fierceness they saw and liked in me.
Where did they ever discover what was unknown to me?
They liked my pretension in being distant
And, by confiding, so taught me otherwise.
I gave them some composure -
in return they offered me their warmth.
I tell you this tale,
because it was meant to be.
You know don’t you?
Yes you know so well !
I was offered this legacy :
to be the witness of such unfathomable exercise,
and, for this, was forbidden to ever take a rest.
Nor was I allowed to simply be happy,
because life provided me with a bigger joy.
A hidden manifestation of wonderment,
requiring such weight and cost as solitude.
Strength is an illusion – strength is only the one of life
Existence decided that I would be bored at school –
so that I could find in me all that it wanted me to learn.
Why me?
I wish for partaking simple happiness –
to bring up children – to care for a family – yet …
another voice steered me elsewhere – to a strange awareness.
My legacy is sorrow and fear.
I hurt from it yet feel so gratified of its presence –
through which I am one with life –
one with its glory and wonderment.

A single tear, is as golden as this knowledge
that you have your noble place on this earth.
Your salvation could be simply saving me