You claim to be normal.
So you have missed
all the songs
that the winds
are bringing forth.

You claim to be happy.
So you live in constant fear
of becoming sad,
that resolve denying you
true happiness.

You claim never to be lost.
So then you do not know
of all the other paths
your journeys are expecting you
to encounter.

You claim to be strong.
So you deny all the messages
of limitation - and of fragility
that your sanctified body
attempts to forward,
so to grow in strength.

You claim not to make mistakes.
So you miss all the jewels
that await you, lying
on that earth - next to your body -
which would fall - when trying to go
beyond the unknown.

You claim to be better.
How can you then appreciate
all those discarded talents,
which do not measure
by comparison,
that you are entitled to discover
for your betterment?

You claim to be a realist.
Yet you only possess as real
the idea of your reality.
You are actually a dreamer -
a poor dreamer -
since you invalidate any other dream
then the one denying all others.

You claim to possess much knowledge.
Staring at your heap of learning
of pratice and of expertise
you miss all the presents
that experience awaits to deliver,
as you fail to encounter
what is just behind your back.

You claim to be in control.
Yet your attention
is geared in controlling others.
Control is a balancing act
taking in account what cannot be accounted for.
Be an acrobat
taking the risk of falling
when measuring the pulse of your heart
to the one of the universe.