The absent object, vacuity. The artwork doesn't communicate any more by its presence but by its absence. Light/Shadow - Sound/Silence - Presence/Absence. A necessary relationship for a balance between what is in process, what is finalized & what needs to evolve

The Non Action of Lao Tseu

The necessity of not being (there) to assert one's existence. The dead poet. Posthumous recognition

Following one's disappearance, others take over by means of memory & investigation. What failed to be communicated, what has been ignored become the matter for reflection

Whether the creator communicated or ceased communicating, the audience, by means of their interpretation, proceeds further over the art process

The artist & his work, when vanishing, leave their mark, material ceaselessly unfinished, nourishment to new perspectives

The void of what is non-lived - A vacuum for renaissance

Ennui or the disappearance of motivations

The intervention of what dissolves, subdues us to the radical closing of the inherent possibilities of (our life, the) project, while it offers a limitless space of freedom

Homage to all those unknown. Recognition of our part of invisibility within us & regards to the others

The absence of our carelessness discloses our ignorance of what was present. Such a discovery stands at the juncture of what wasn't known/recognized & of what is revealed. Encounter of great joy, offered & forced, & of great-sustained sorrow.