Cringe Under Your Talent

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Cringe is auto regulated by Cringe adherents.
Each person gives his or her evaluation from the depth of her solitude and independence.
Choosing "Unworthy" is important so to delete abusive material.
Of course voters may be tempted to abuse the right to delete abuses.
In order to control this: People who group together to gather negative points won't be validated. When 2 "Unworthy" appear the designed text or picture will be evaluated by Cringe. This in order to regulate abuse.
There is no interest in gathering 50 friends to vote "Cringe" in order to attain a right to exhibit. Because the idea behind the voting process is to create a realistic list of potential buyers. Once the 50 people list is created Cringe will give the artist the listing so that he may manage his exhibit either at his place or by one of the voting members and initiate a time table with them. Cringe will then insert the info on his site.
Galleries may want to approach the artist and we encourage this. The artist however wants to realise that the value of a gallery is usually far more about it's listing than about its location. Since the artist has a Cringe listing which may be of an advantage also to the gallery he will want to ponder his opportunity to negotiate the space on a percentage basis as opposed to renting it.