Photograph courtesy of Avril Saunder

Jean Charles Dicharry, visual artist, is very early, interested in the fade in - fade out slide projection process which will blossom a few years later in Holland in performances combining his imagery with the methods of Action Art painting and corporeal expression. These experiences will be an initiation to communication methods towards a public. Self-expression makes sense only when the message contains the archetypes appropriate in heightening awareness.

To intervene in a space in order to transform it will become a recognizable leitmotiv later on in New York in the creation of his frescos. He is then seen composing large scale murals, some time monumental which will attract the media's attention such as the New York Times Magazine, the New York Magazine, Newsday Magazine, Mirabella, Architectural Digest, House and Garden, Elle Decor etc.

His attention focuses then on the historical diversity of human experience. Respecting tonality and style of a given period he proposes works, often overlaid, like ancient exhumed pieces. With the collaboration of the greatest decorators such as M Jid Johnson, M John Saladino, M Juan Montoya, M Samuel Botero, Mrs Nancy Huang, M David Hicks, M Jacques Grange, M Hilton Mc Connico, the M Group, he creates works for Stefano Pilati Director of Creation for Yves Saint Laurent, M & Mrs Michael & Diandra Douglas, Tiffany, Mrs Emily Frick, Bergdorf Goodman, Stuart Weitzman, M & Mrs Resnick of the Franklin Mint, Diana Brooks President of Sotheby's, M Peretty attorney General of New Jersey, M. & Mrs. Marwan Boodai Jazeera Airways .

Invited to give lectures in American universities Jean Charles Dicharry has for ambition to promote, with the partnership of museums, pedagogic exhibits, emotional guides presenting works of art from a museum underlined by affirmations from interviewed visitors. The purpose here is to express not what one knows but what one feels. This project proposes the museum as an initiatic game field, a space where art reveals itself as a mirror reflecting the visitor "état d'âme".

His new orientation involves virtual manipulations for the creation of projections and installations, a return to his sources of mixed media management with the opportunities and vision offered by the new technologies.

Those have given birth to:
InterArt: Installations
The collection: Digital paintings applied on canvas

And projects for the future such as:
Absent Art
Orbital Art