Cities are fertile grounds
soaked by migration and desire,
by invasion and rape,
by commerce and ideas,
by solicitation and curiosity,
by a sense of belonging,
to a dream not yet realized,
by returning home to awareness,
and to the comfort that a stranger
has revealed in our heart.

Cities stand sturdy
from their growth and their emancipation.
They have been betrayed and worshipped.
So many have died for you.
So many trample you, unwise
to the calling still at lost in them.
You are of stone,
and of wood
and of all the inventions
that your lovers have fantasized,
so to dress you
with their hopes and admiration.

City I love you!
You are the cradle
from which our ancestors
sowed their calling
to give us our names.
You are a monument
and a dedication
to all the converging dreams
that humanity could ever believe in.

Cities, you are the enigma
yet made real
of unforeseen possibilities.
Monumental archetypes
and resplendent flora.
Your domes and porches,
your fountains and alleys,
all sing a similar tune
heard all across humanity.