Ethiopia is a multi faceted experience in culture, history and landscape. Life is along the road with women seeking wood and water, students flocking from villages to their universities, shepherds guiding donkeys, goats, cows, sheep or camels and children the best ambassadors in their desire to meet you. Certain encounters will give you a sense of passed biblical times while meeting tribes will bring you to the beginning of humanity.
Cities remain alive from their passed history and legend. One experiences the enigmatic mix of landscapes from the heights of its mountains yet close to the equator.
You will be within a day in ancient monasteries or among crocodiles and hippos depending of the direction.

To make your trip a successful adventure, Ethiopia-Tours-Discovery offers packages or will work out with you tailored itineraries.
Along with an experienced English speaking driver who will be of great help guiding you along with a 4x4 wheel drive are included unlimited miles, gas, camping material if needed, car entrance fees, all taxes, insurance, driver/guide fees, his accommodations on the road and airport service day or night for arrivals and departures.

If you wish to have a choice of the best hotels included, costs will range from $35 to $65 for 2 people per night. Luxury hotels in the Capital (Addis Abeba ) go over $100. Medium range Hotels cost average out at $20 to $30. For Addis Abeba add $10. It is advisable to book a little in advance depending on the season.

To plan your trip go to "my travel" page. You will find a map with numbers relating to the most famous places to visit followed by a descriptive visual and textual listing

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Enjoy your trip preparation

Eskinder T/Haimanot